Boost the competitiveness of your hotel business

We identify, analyze and process grants for your business, to promote your company in an easy, understandable, and agile way.

Take the most profit from available subsidies without wasting 1+ hours on bureaucratic procedures.

How do we boost your hotel business?

We are experts in identifying, processing, and justifying of subsidies for the tourism sector.

Research and Identification

Custom proposal

Procedure and justification

360º Solution


Success rate.

1. Analysis and diagnose

What do we do?

We ask you a few easy questions about your company, to identify your needs and show you the best opportunities.

What do you do?

You tell us the needs of your premises.

2. Proposal

What do we do?

We read, identify, and analyze any official, national, regional, or provincial newspaper needed, including strategic plans, and professional or branch literature: Bespoke research to know where the best opportunities lie for you.

What do you do?

You just have to decide whether to continue or not.

3. Procedure

What do we do?

We generate and prepare all the necessary documentation and carry out the bureaucratic procedures without involving you in complex and unproductive processes.

What do you do?

You simply give your approval to each and any of the actions performed.

4. Justification

What do we do?

We coordinate with your internal and external departments, along with suppliers, throughout the entire justification process.

In addition, we stay in touch to notify you in real time of new opportunities suitable for you and your company.

What do you do?

You add the grant to your income statement and free up the budget for any other actions needed.

Increase your competitiveness

Take advantage of the potential of grants to improve your business, without any hassle.

We understand your concerns!

We have suffered from the bureaucracy and the problems it generates.

You don’t know who to ask for help or information
You believe you are not eligible to apply for grants

Days go by, and you do not receive any updates on your application

The language used in official journals is complex to understand

The grants you are interested in are out of deadline

The formulation is complex, and your management company does not understand it

Let’s start today!

You contact us

We pay attention to your request in a personalized way with our team.

We analyze your case

We carry out a customized study according to your company characteristics.

We propose a strategy

We optimize grant acquisition for a relevant outcome.

Contact us!

It is logical that a proposal as valuable as ours generates doubts. Contact us, and we will solve one by one any doubts that you might have about our services.

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