We are your external department specialized in strategy for attracting and managing subsidies in the tourism sector.

We improve the attraction of public money in an agile, easy, and understandable way.

How was Resoluciona created?

It combines the knowledge and proven success in attracting and managing European grant funds of the Tramiten & Lean team experts, plus the Hotusa group, with more than 40 years of experience as the world’s leading hotel consortium.

Success rate.
95% of the applications submitted are approved.

How can we boost your business?

We see subsidies as a strategic resource, in key areas as relevant as digitalization, internationalization, incentives for hiring, energy efficiency, and sustainability, …

Thanks to subsidies, your company will be able to reduce the cost of any activity or investment.

Currently, your competitors are already receiving subsidies that you should have been able to take advantage of.

Are you going to be left out?

What is our mission?

Our mission is to maximize the attraction of subsidies for tourism companies, focusing only on adding value and solving any related problems.

We are your ally to increase the attraction of subsidies, powering the competitiveness of your company.

Why resoluciona?

We guarantee an agile and secure response to your urgent transformation needs.

We mitigate business risk by combining programmatic expertise and technical know-how.
We simplify bureaucracy and reduce the administrative burden on the client’s side.
We optimize time, investment, and effort and enhance the return obtained.
We translate neo-languages and interpret administrative intelligibility.
We optimize your chance of success in each and every single case.

1. We listen

We attend to your demands, concerns, and intents in order to help you achieve your objectives.

2. We analyze

We identify all grant opportunities, available for you.

3. We solve

We make all the necessary arrangements once we have obtained the best line of grants for your company (no worries’ policy).

Our service

We have designed a flexible formula that adapts to all company sizes and your needs.

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Consultancy, processing, and justification of subsidies

As easy as that!

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It is logical that a proposal as valuable as ours generates doubts. Contact us, and we will solve one by one any doubts that you might have about our services.

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